Virtually We Can Do Big Things Like No Other Time in History


Frux Documents, Capone Music Studios, Zephyr Publishing and Retreat at Gibbs Pond have work to be done contact us today!

Virtually we can do big things like no other time in history by developing relationships all around the world. Together with collaboration we can build bigger partnerships that are diverse; so that my voice is shared yes, but so is yours! Collaborate with me


  • FRUX DOCUMENTS -  Abstractors or Title examiners from Virginia, Maryland, & Delaware  to complete title work for our Mortgage clients. We need experienced abstractors who want to build an income with our company, and learn new technical knowledge in order to help us compete in the industry today.


  • QUIBUS INVESTIGATING - We need Investigators in all courthouses in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware to pull background information including criminal, judgment, tax lien, and  case information.


  • ZEPHYR PUBLISHING If you are an artist, writer, musician, film director, digital media guru, video-recording & audio person, technical computer geek join us in a collaboration. If you would like to add to your repertoire and be a voice in a film or acting work for our short short films, commercials, and music videos, we have work to do. Help us develop the expertise we need to satisfy our clients. Develop an ongoing relationship with us and become immersed into a creatively passionate pathway that can be financially rewarding. We have ongoing projects!


  • CAPONE MUSIC STUDIOS -  We are seeking music teachers & musicians who want a side gig and can unleash their talent in our live broadcast. Also,  Looking for 30-in-house intermediate and advanced music students for the live broadcast in Berlin, MD. My mission is to broadcast my childhood music studio by mid-2014. Won’t you join me?

  • JUSTINE WEBER WRIGHT BAND - Search is in progress for Band Members for this Platform.  Soprano singer and Fab Guitar player needed to perform original songs for live broadcast under Justine Weber Wright Band. Will need occasional musicians for recording and live broadcast too. Become a member so we can call upon you for various projects. We need all musicians that love to play and develop great sounds of collaboration. We need brass, strings, piano, bass, percussion, back-up singers, songwriters, and any exotic instrument to share with us.  


  • RETREAT AT GIBBS POND looking for local massage therapists,  acupuncturists, therapists, stylists, water-aerobic, Pilate & yoga instructors, water sports teacher, Chefs, to help build a wonderful healthy and dynamic environment at our corporate headquarters.  


  • TRANSLATORS  We need translators from English to multiple languages. If you are English speaking but also speak a second language, contact us.


  • MENTORS  with experience like seasoned accountants, lawyers, bankers, entrepreneurs, investors, financiers, scientists, teachers, & professionals of any kind that can mentor and give advice please join my company as a subcontractor. We need experts to help steer Opes to new places. Won't you join me and share your expertise? 


  • BUSINESSES  - Be seen and heard .  We provide commercial videos for your website to tell your business or family story. Let us help your company grow. Join my company as a business member and subcontractor collaborator. 


  • IF YOU ARE A FAMILY , SCHOOL, CHURCH OR BUSINESS  - My studio can provide a virtual learning environment during business hours and after school. We need 1000 test students to test our site. Won’t you help me work the kinks out at our site before we offer this passionate idea to the world? I need your feedback!


Gina M. Capone, President

Contact us: Office 410-0629-1431