My name is GT Courbette. I love to tell a story, take some time to get to know someone, and understand their life. The horse world is a unique environment with top caliber horses and riders along with a diverse community of characters. The competitive nature of the sport is only one aspect of the story; the story behind the scene is what I like to write. When someone devotes their life to horses there is usually a treasure of information there. When a top rider reaches an international level of competition, they reach a place that only a small circle can. The story unfolds breaking through the handsome face; or posturing mystery. A good story can show the realness there; the sacrifice and the gain; a story that comes alive.

If I can tell your story, make a film of your accomplishments, provide photographs of games in my arsenal, or promote your event or your profession, please contact me. You can reach me at my office in Berlin, Maryland 410-629-1431 or gtcourbette@opescampitor.com

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