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Opes Campitor was built on the idea that you could be practical but also creative in your endeavors in life. This is how big things happen. If you look at how we have taken the internet since 1991, this unknown entity has crept into most households and business savvy companies; allowing us many more opportunities.  

My first dba, I launched in 2003, was Frux Documents under Opes Campitor Corporation. The internet had begun to change how title and mortgage records were received from courthouse records. Counties began offering online access. If you were a freelance abstractor (abstractors search courthouse records for attorneys and title companies) that traveled to the courthouse to search; and didn’t access the internet - your job could become obsolete. Many abstractors were caught off guard and lost their livelihood but others began to adapt and build companies based on the new internet model. I was already using the internet so my approach was to collaborate with as many abstractors around my Delmarva area -Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, then bid on work for us all. A small idea has helped me to develop good relationships in the business world and grow this company.

New business models are arriving as we speak; but the ones who win or get out front are those businesses that see the future a little bit better. I have developed a business model where subcontractors work for my company on different projects. A good entrepreneur is one who has an idea with an instinct and then a drive to accomplish the goal.  I am looking for competent subcontractors who want to work with my company; and gain an ongoing income while helping create good products for my clients. We can cross barriers and gain access around the world if we dream. Opes is a productive platform of companies; building relationships in the business world.

Capone Music StudiosTM is making headway since its launch in September. It is a virtual model that is getting a lot of interest. I have a passionate desire to take the music studio from my past and upgrade it into modern times. My channel will be available to access from a Smart TV, Phone, Computer, or IPad. The world will have access so I can keep the cost down. Can you spread the word! I need subcontractors and students to work on this project with me.

If you are a producer, film video director, digital media guru, video-recording & audio person, technical computer geek, music teacher or musician and want a side gig, Join me with this endeavor. Work with Opes on projects! Help us develop the expertise we need to put out good work and satisfy our clients. Develop an ongoing relationship with us and become immersed into a creatively passionate pathway that can be financially rewarding.

I am also looking for 30-inhouse intermediate and advanced music students for the live broadcast close to my  Berlin, MD location. They should be intermediate and advanced music students. I also need Linguists translators from English to multiple languages. If you are English speaking but also speak a second language, contact me.

If you are a family, school or business; join me! My studio can provide a virtual learning environment during business hours and after school. We need 1000 test students to test our site. Won’t you help me work the kinks out at our site before we offer this passionate idea to the world? I need your feedback!

My mission is to broadcast my childhood music studio by mid-2014. Won’t you join me?

Virtually we can do big things like no other time in history by developing relationships all around the world. Together with collaboration we can build bigger partnerships that are diverse; so that my voice is shared yes, but so is yours! Collaborate with me.

My best to you and your family, Gina M Capone, President& CEO… 

Contact me: Office 410-0629-1431 and email