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We develop relationships with subcontractors who want to work with our company on specific projects

President & CEO: Gina M. Capone

Company Profile:

My name is Gina Capone. I am an entrepreneur who grew up in Virginia. My 1st business was a riding school, The Dressage Centre, Inc. I started in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1986. I loved my school because of the connections I made but also the students who developed under my tutelage; and especially the wonderful horses I was able to ride and look after. In the horse business, we say, “a horse is broken down when she no longer can do the work we ask.” Well, my body broke down and it was time to turn a new page. In 1998, I closed the Dressage Centre and began traveling to Wellington Florida each year. I began writing for a horse magazine, Sidelines, under the name of GT Courbette and returned to school at Salisbury University for my Master’s in English. In 2003, I started my company Opes Campitor Corporation. I was determined to build a company that would provide great service, generate creative and practical outlets, and build solid relationships in the business world. I am in the midst of accomplishing my goal. Since 2003, I have launched 6 of the 10 DBA’S under OPES - Frux Documents; Zephyr Publishing; In the Family Lawn Care; Events at Gibbs Pond; Retreat at Gibbs Pond; & Quibus Investigating.

I just launched my newest DBA on September 28th, Capone Music StudioTM.. Music has always been a big part of my life. My family has been in the music business for over 50 years in the Washington D.C area. They owned Capone Music Company, Inc, in Annandale, Virginia. My brother, Chris continues the tradition by repairing from his shop in Gainesville, Virginia.

Larry Capone Sax Player 

Larry Capone

Sax Player 

In the 1940’s, my dad, Larry Capone bought out his partner, and Capone Music Company, Inc was born. The store was located at 802 F Street NW Washington, D.C. now the Spy Museum. Dad was a big band sax player too. He would play at night and run the shop and repair instruments during the day. When he married my mom, Audrey, they moved the store to Annandale. My parents sold new and used instruments like saxophones and flutes; guitars and amps. The students of music also benefited because my mom built the music studio’s reputation by interviewing and hiring all of the music teachers herself to make sure she had the caliber of study high. We had a sheet music department so the many students had the newest published sheet music and standard method books of study.

Audrey, Gina and Larry Capone   

Audrey, Gina and Larry Capone 


From a very early age, I studied with various teachers at Capone Music. It was here I began a love affair with songwriting. I am a musician, singer, songwriter, producer and now a recording artist. My latest project is a compilation of music I wrote, composed and recorded under the Artist named Justine Weber Wright, a platform to showcase my music and songs. My first digital album is titled Building Blocks to a New Life. Go to link for Sample: http://youtu.be/ODkXrZcS2Jc You may hear my compositions in my films and commercials as well. I am excited to develop a more creative path in my business now. Zephyr Publishing & Capone Music StudiosTM have launched hidden treasures that I have found over my lifetime. I hope you enjoy this creative side. 

Gina M Capone 

Gina M Capone 

Capone Music StudiosTM is making headway since its launch in September. It is a virtual model that is getting a lot of interest. I have a passionate desire to take the music studio from my past and upgrade it into modern times. My channel will be available to access from a Smart TV, Phone, Computer, or IPad. The world will have access so I can keep the cost down. Can you spread the word! I need music teachers, musicians, and students to work on this project. But I also have room for other talent. 

If you are a producer, film video director, digital media guru, video-recording & audio person, technical computer geek, and want a side gig, Join me with this endeavor. Work with Opes on projects! Help us develop the expertise we need to put out great work and satisfy our clients. Develop an ongoing relationship with us and become immersed into a creatively passionate pathway that can be financially rewarding.

I am also looking for 30-inhouse intermediate and advanced music students for the live broadcast in Berlin, MD. I am looking for Linguists who can speak, write, and translate English to another language.  

If you are a family, school or business; join me! My studio can provide a virtual learning environment during business hours and after school. We need 1000 test students to test our site. Won’t you help me work the kinks out at our site before we offer this passionate idea to the world? I need your feedback!

My mission is to broadcast my childhood music studio by mid-2014. Won’t you join me?

Virtually we can do big things like no other time in history by developing relationships all around the world. Together with collaboration we can build bigger partnerships that are diverse; so that my voice is shared yes, but so is yours! Collaborate with me.

Gina M. Capone

Contact me: Office 410-0629-1431 and email opes@opescampitor.com